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Hi there! I am Shivang. I created this blog to share my tech project, writings and DIY stuff.

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Aug 3, 2023
Creating FileSystem from scratch I was reading a chapter on persistence from a book called OSTEP (a classic OS book by Prof. Remzi). It has all kinds of crazy things that I don’t hear about every day: storage devices, drivers, pages, virtualization of disk, and many other things.…
Jun 17, 2023
Creating database index from scratch - iteratively I recently got interested in database indexes and want to know how exactly they work. Going through tutorials is one thing but building something from scratch gives you deeper knowledge, so that’s what I did.…
Mar 23, 2023
Glitter Meenal, Sudeep, and Amit went ahead of us. Behind, I and Ishika were lagging. We were making slow progress in this dark trek of Korigad Fort.…

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